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Disciplines of Lacrosse

Box Lacrosse

  • played on a standard sized arena floor.
  • features 6 players (goaltender and five runners).
  • similar to basketball with all 5 runners involved in the offence and the defence.
  • speed and excitement are created by a 30-second shot clock.

Men's Field Lacrosse

  • played outdoors on a 100m x 55m field.
  • teams consist of 10 players, consisting of a goalĂ­ tender, 3 attackers, 3 midfielders and 3 defenders.
  • differs from box lacrosse in the style of play and strategy. Thereisn't a 30-second shot clock - thus the game is more strategic andrelies more heavily on possession and control of the ball.

Women's Field Lacrosse

  • a quick, free-flowing game.
  • played on a 100m x 55m field with 12 players per side.
  • women's field lacrosse is a non-contact sport.
  • no aggressive checking with either the stick or the body is allowed.


  • the newest form of the game.
  • participants use a moulded plastic stick and a soft, air-filled ball.
  • easyto play, adaptable to many environments, and participants quickly learnthe fundamental Lacrosse skills of scooping, carrying, passing,catching the ball.
  • an ideal activity and game for the educational and recreational systems.