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The Novice A1 teams have been drafted and are posted below. B and C pools will scrimmage on Saturday March 10th between 7 & 9pm. Exact times are posted below. After Saturday 's scrimmages the B and C teams will be drafted. These teams are all pending balancing games and player moves may still occur. Once teams have been drafted your coaches will reach out to you. If you have not heard from your coach by Spring Break please let me know.

Balancing games will be the week of April 2nd and will start as early as Easter Monday. 

Saturday March 10th @ the FORUM

Saturday 7pm   Saturday 8pm
Aragon L   Ameixa D
Arnott   Bhandari J
Askew C   Blondeau
August C   Clark S
Bennett J   Clarke G
Bernardini D   Cole B
Bove   Cupit
Camacho   Dugal Z
Carmichael J   Evans A
Chow R   Evans M
Cook   Hanson I
Devaras C   Isherwood A
Granville M   King M
Horvath   King R
Kubicsek O   Knox O
LaCroix R   MacKenzie
Lawrence B   Manhas A
Maglio   Marko C
Manhas   Miloglav L
Manhas U   Mlait S
Mills M   Openshaw C
Misceo L   Ostensen S
Miyamoto   Perkins D
Mollica M   Phillips C
Morrison X   Pickering J
Niska   Rupp J
Northcott J   Siemens E
Ostensen   Sorenson M
Papaioannou J   Thomson
Stephen B   Vendrasco X
Stopa B   Woollacott D
Tidik P   Youchezin D
Wong R   Yu J
Yoo J      
Zervas L      


A1 - 1   A1 - 2
Allegretto D   Ashworth B
Baang J   Cook T
Banks L   Cusker J
Berar K   Desharnais B
Campbell A   Fairley D
Dane M   Hewitt-Richards B
Dibble X   Johnston C
Freeman X   Lochhead B
Hamaoka K   Lochhead C
Hasselmann M   Lonquist K
Ibsen B   Mcnamara A
Joostema B   Price H
Krmpotic I   Quinn D
Prince L   Richardson M
Robinson C   Schmidt T
Valente M   Scully M
Wong J   Udovicic M


If you have any questions, please contact Natasha at . 

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