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Female Bantam

2015 Season Notes
Posted on Apr 10, 2015

Season Start

The regular season commences April 13th.  We may receive the schedule as late as April 12th, so please be prepared to play games beginning April 13th.


Island Games

Please note all teams will be required to go to Nanaimo or Victoria once during the season.  This could happen as early as April 11/12, so please be prepared for this.


Important Dates

Regular Season: April 13th to June 14th

Adanac Challenge Tournament (Coquitlam): May 14th-18th

Playoffs: June 15th-28th

Female Provincials (Port Coquitlam): July 8th-12th


Team Balancing

Please keep in mind that if the teams become unbalanced, movement could occur at any time up until May 7th.  Ensure your daughters are aware of the possibility of movement to another team if the teams are deemed unbalanced.


Parent Letter - Balancing Process for CMLA


Player Equipment

Information on required equipment can be found here: