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Request for Time Slot

Rescheduling Floor Time is any time a game needs to be rescheduled.

            Arena Floor Schedule

    First find time that is available from the schedule. Then contact the opposing team to determine 2-3 available times. Once you have received a confirmed date from the Arena Floor Scheduler, then send a email  to the appropriate Referee Allocator to arrange for refs, and the division Coordinator, and the Commissioner for the level and division. 


    The floor time is not yours until you get a confirmation email from
    the floor scheduler.

    You must turn in the old floor time as we are very short on available time,

    It can not be used as practice timeaa.

    If there is no floor time available in our arena please contact the other team to see if they have time in their arena. If yes, the  CMLA will pay for that floor time.